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Become a Dealer

Become A Dealer

Are you a contractor? Or sales person who wants to earn fairly easy passive income?

What We Do?

We manufacture and sell tube style metal buildings. Our buildings can be ordered and delivered as a kit or they can also be purchased fully installed on your customers level land or existing slab.

How does this benefit you?

Well that’s the best part… no heavy lifting on your end. We handle the quoting and customer service and you get paid. This will save you time so you can focus on other jobs while still filling the gap on customers who need a tube style metal building.

We offer an exclusive partnership program to select dealers.

Our dealer support representatives will schedule one-on-one time with you to ensure your opportunity for success.

We welcome our dealer partners to visit our offices and manufacturing facilities.
Tube Structures is easy to use, and all-inclusive, with no financial barrier to providing metal building products to your customers.

More about Tube Structures

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Here's an example : $30,000 building x 10 % = $3000 Profit... Sell just 5 a month = $15,000 extra income

Contact us to today about signing up as a dealer

    Do you need a Building Contractor?
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    Selling Tube Structures just got easier.

    Let your customers and sales team visually configure complex steel buildings in the blink of an eye. Say goodbye to slow, inaccurate price quotes and hello to happy customers.

    Introducing the most effective, delightful buying and selling experiences for customized products. With 3D previews, dynamic pricing and simplified customizations, we’ve developed a comprehensive sales engine that facilitates shorter sales cycles, and higher average sales prices, and a better sales experience for the end consumer.

    3D Building Configurator

    Our Tube Structure program offers a fast and efficient way to quote with our innovative 3d design software and CRM that will help you get quotes out to your clients faster than ever before. We also offer a way to integrate the 3d design software into your website, so your customers can design the building they are looking for, making the selling process even easier.

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    Our team is passionate about making our Dealers successful. We’re committed to understanding our Dealers sales strategies, and business objectives and then providing them with an exceptional  service to help exceed their goals.
    Our  simple 3D online building configurator helps each and every one of our Dealers to Sell More, Sell Better.

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